Medical Alert System Additions

How Does

it Work?


Who is it For?

Assistive Technology for

  • Those who cannot press a manual button

  • Those who are bed bound or in wheelchairs

  • Individuals with special needs

  • Multiple assistive devices available, please call for details 1-800-338-7114.

Customer built solutions to access help in an emergency

Sip and Breathe, Pillow, Plate, Head Bump, and many other switches available.

If your power goes

out, the medical

alarm will run on

back-up battery for

up to 24 hours


Crystal clear speaker and microphone for two-way voice communication


One Action

One touch, sip, or puff to access

the police, fire department, medical services, family members & friends






How does it work?

Sip and Breathe Switch

The sip and breathe switch is for patients with severe physical impairments. This unique switch is used to activate an in home medical alert system. Sipping on the tube will activate the alarm and create a voice call with Life Safety Monitoring. The switch is mounted on a 19" gooseneck with the 3-way mounting clamp.


How much does it cost?


Our assistive technology is custom-built for each of our customers. To enable an accurate price, please call and speak to one of our knowledgeable care representatives. They will help you build a custom solution. 

Please call 1-800-338-7114

Please call 1-800-338-7114