Home medical alert system


Medical Alert Systems

  • Home Medical Alert Systems

  • Waterproof Transmitter

  • Monitored 24/7

  • Fall Detection Available

  • Smoke & CO2 Detections

  • Motion & Door/Window Sensors

Prices starting at

$29.50 per month

Mobile GPS

Medical Alert Systems

  • Mobile Medical Alert Systems

  • Two-Way Voice

  • GPS Location

  • Fall Detection Available

  • Wireless 3G ATT Network

Prices starting at

$34.95 per month


That's why STAAR Alert has developed a suite of products specifically for our valued customers.

Who is it for?

How does it work?

How is it monitored?

What does it cost?


Who are Medical Alert Systems for?


Who could benefit from a medical alert system?

Most people believe that mobile medical alert systems are only for the elderly. The truth is that many other people benefit from our service every day! A few examples:

Why not just use a phone?

We are asked this question every day. Why do I not just use my phone to call for help? While cell phones are a great mobile medical alert system they have many limiting features. They are great if you can dial the phone number, explain where you are located, and notify the dispatcher of your medical conditions. In reality, doing all of these things in an emergency situation just is not possible.


Mobile medical alert systems are different because all you need to do is press a button to call for help. There is no need to remember a phone number, you don’t need to tell anyone your location, and our Life Safety Operators will already have a profile of basic medical information on file. That way if you are unable to respond during the emergency we can still send you help!


Those three key points give all of our customers more support and care in the event of an emergency that could not be done with a cell phone.

How does it Work?


Press the Help Button

  • If you feel you are in danger.

  • If you have a fall or are injured.

  • If you need to contact friends or family.

  • If you need the police.

  • If you need the fire department.

  • If there is an emergency.

  • If you need emergency medical services.

Please wear your emergency help button  24/7 to stay protected.

How do Medical Alert Systems Work?

Take your Medical Alert Button with your everywhere you go. Wear it around your neck or carry it on a belt clip or in your pocket or purse. If you have an emergency and need to contact friends, family members, police, fire departments or emergency medical services press the button on the Medical Alert System.


The alarm will connect you to our US based Life Safety Operators through the cellular network. They will ask you what type of help you need and send help.


What happens if I cannot respond in an emergency?

If you cannot respond during the emergency there is no need to worry. Our team of Life Safety Operators will contact your emergency contacts. If we cannot reach your emergency contacts, we will contact 911 and dispatch immediate help.

How is it Monitored?


Life Safety Monitoring

  • Monitoring thousands of customers nationwide.

  • Underwriters Laboratories listed (UL).

  • Redundant back up.

  • Specializing in 2-way voice communication.

  • Highly Trained Operators to CSAA Standards.

How Much Does it Cost?



Budget friendly, choose your plan! We are truly thankful for our amazing STAAR clients.


Medical Alert System

Home medical alert system for in and around your home for use with a landline telephone.

Cellular home medical alert system

Home Cellular

Medical Alert System

Home cellular medical alert system for in and around your home if you do not have a landline phone.

Home fall detection medical alert system

Fall Detection

Medical Alert System

The Fall Detection necklace is for use with the home and home cellular systems, and can call for help after a fall even if the button is not pressed.

sensor medical alert system

Activity Sensor

Medical Alert System

Home and home cellular systems with additional sensors like: smoke detectors, CO2 detectors, motion, door, window, and many more.

MedimiPro Portable Dispenser
MedimiPro Portable Dispenser
SimpleMed+ BlisterCard Dispenser
Home Cellular Medical Alert System
Home Cellular Medical Alert System
Home Medical Alert System
Home Medical Alert System
mobile fall detection
mobile fall detection
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