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Health Professionals


Supporting Your Independence

At STAAR Alert, we understand that our service and support extend beyond the equipment placed in your consumer’s home. Advanced technology, in-house installation and maintenance, timely reporting, plus live client education, guarantee a streamlined experience. 


Building relationships with our partners is more important than anything. Healthcare professionals - as well as patients - can access backend service support and health portals from anywhere at any time. Expert technical support and Life Safety Monitoring operators are available 24/7. 

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STAAR Alert helps organizations all across the United States. Our emergency response systems appeal to leaders, operators, coordinators and organizers in the following fields:


Managed Care & Service Coordination 

STAAR works with managed care organizations and health insurance companies, such as UPMC, Amerihealth, PA Health and Wellness, and Quartz. As a trusted provider for Medicaid Waiver and Medicare Dual Eligible for over 15 years, STAAR Alert has developed processes to align with the workflow of care management and service coordination entities. 

Care Management


Care management describes the coordination or organization of services and activities to help patients with chronic or complex health conditions. In care management, the overall goal is to improve patient health. 


To help monitor patient health, STAAR Alert can ensure accurate medical reporting using evidence-based outcomes, such as medical alert activations, medication adherence rates, vital sign measurements, and more. All of this information can be easily integrated into a patient's electronic medical records, facilitating the process for patient care coordinators and organizers.

Senior Care

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Also known as elderly care or eldercare, senior care serves the needs and requirements of senior citizens. Assisted living, adult daycare, long-term care, nursing home/residential care, hospice care, or home care all fall under the umbrella of senior care.


Senior housing and facilities can benefit from personal emergency response systems, including but not limited to: 


  • Senior High Rises

  • Senior Apartments

  • Senior Living Communities

  • Senior Independent Living

  • Nursing Homes


A key benefit at STAAR Alert is patient independence. Our solutions allow both senior residents and caregivers to maintain independence by providing a variety of options that all value safety and security.

LIFE / PACE Programs

AdobeStock_547855230 [Converted].png

STAAR Alert offers lifestyle programs for at-home, independent living. Remote patient monitoring systems and technology help support independent living without buttons or cameras. Our lifestyle programs use touchless pressure and monitor sensors to provide non-intrusive, non-invasive solutions.


VAYYAR Care uses optics-free radio frequency to instantly detect falls. Its dynamic presence tracking feature monitors room occupancy and measures time spent in bed or in the bathroom. Its imminent bed exit alarm notifies caregivers when at-risk residents sit up in bed immediately so timely assistance can be provided. 


WellAware Care offers alerts at all times, even tracking average sleep time and time in and out of bed. Its customizable analytics can be tailored to any care plan to track location, presence, and time of falls, as well as minor falls before a catastrophic fall occurs. In addition to offering VAYYAR Care monitors, WellAware Care offers the Withings Sleep Analyzer, a device that tracks sleep cycles with a simple setup under the mattress.


STAAR Alert also provides at-home patients a shuttle to centers where they receive additional care.

Why Should Healthcare Professional Choose STAAR Alert?

More Than 25 Years of Experience

With over 25 years of experience participating as a Medicaid Waiver and Dual Eligible provider, STAAR Alert has a proven process that works. The Annual Underwriters Laboratory audit ensures STAAR Alert follows best practices to better serve its clients. We commit to working with you to ensure the quality of care our technology provides. 


All Under One Roof

Forget following complicated instructions – STAAR sends trained technicians to perform the in-home installation right to your door. Our technicians are all actual employees at STAAR Alert, ready to help set up our system and answer any questions you may have.


While STAAR works with manufacturers all across the globe, including the US, you won’t need to go through any third parties for installation or contact.

After installation, STAAR directly monitors our alert systems. The Monitoring Association oversees our training level programs so all staff are properly trained. In fact, STAAR has been awarded the Five Diamond designation by the Monitoring Association, a truly valued honor. By both owning and overseeing monitoring, we assure quality service and immediate fixes for any issues.

Real People Get It Done - Fast

STAAR Alert values building lasting relationships with our clients. Unlike other companies, STAAR offers instant, 24/7 support with real people. No automated voice recordings here - we ensure that you will connect and communicate with a live person on the other end.  


Our offerings include in-home landline, in-home cellular, and mobile/GPS Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS), PERS Smartphone Apps, Automatic Fall Detection, and Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM).

Customized to Your Patient's Needs

We do what’s best for the individual. That means one size does not fit all. Products are tailored to different audiences to serve individual needs better. Our services are valuable, reliable & personalized because, above all else, STAAR Alert respects our clients and their needs.


With STAAR Alert, trust that you will feel like you matter. Because you do. 



"Great Job! The gentleman, John, who installed the system was not only friendly and courteous but also very knowledgeable of the product and system. He took the time to explain it to me in ways that I could understand. I do feel so much safer here in my home now. Everyone in your company has been an absolute pleasure, can't thank you enough!"

-Gail Spillane

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