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About Us


Supporting Your Independence


STAAR Alert, an Automated Security Alert company, is dedicated to the safety and well-being of our clients. STAAR Alert offers mobile emergency response systems with GPS, personal emergency response systems, medication management solutions, and Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM).


Beyond this cutting-edge technology and competitive pricing, STAAR Alert provides a level of personalized service far above most others in the market. Above all else, STAAR Alert values personal relationships with its clients and is committed to supporting their needs. Our mission is to help our clients stay connected to the things that matter.

STAAR Alert offers mobile emergency response systems with GPS, personal emergency response systems, medication management solutions, and Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM).

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Committed to Supporting Your Independence 

STAAR Alert’s goal is to keep you and your loved ones safely at home as long as possible. Our Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) help make this goal a reality. 


Fall detection, Passive Sensor Monitoring, and Medication Management Solutions allow for independent living while monitoring important areas of health and wellness. The 24/7 live monitoring at STAAR Alert helps you keep and maintain your independence.

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Trained Operators at Life Safety Monitoring are ready to help you with any issue, big or small. Located blocks from STAAR Alert’s headquarters, Life Safety Monitoring is staffed 24/7. Life Safety Monitoring is UL Listed and Five Diamond Designated by The Monitoring Association (TMA). Our operators are trained to rigorous standards, and all critical infrastructure systems are fully backed up and redundant.


An alert is sent to the Life Safety Monitoring Center when a personal emergency response system is activated, or a medication dose is missed. A trained live Operator then contacts the user to discuss their emergency or missed dose and lend assistance. When dealing with these critical issues, you can trust that people are safe with STAAR Alert no matter the time.


Adaptive to Your Lifestyle

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STAAR Alert’s expansive range of products does not restrict your loved one to their home. Instead, STAAR Alert adapts to their busy lifestyle.


Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) offer solutions for home and away. The in-home system will respond quickly to emergencies in and around your home. The mobile medical alert is perfect for active individuals, utilizing 4G networks to connect anywhere. 


STAAR Alert also provides custom Medication Management programs to fit your needs. We offer locking and non-locking dispensers. Additionally, these devices feature an easy-to-load dosing system, an audible and visual alarm, and more. STAAR Alert customizes solutions for you and your loved ones across the country.

Depend on Advanced Technology 

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STAAR Alert offers some of the best and most advanced technology available. Your loved ones can depend on this equipment when it’s needed most.


Mobile PERS are equipped to utilize 4G cellular connectivity, which allows users to call for help across a reliable and extensive network. Peripheral devices also use advanced bluetooth technology that syncs with all of your devices. All of these technological advancements are user-friendly and designed to support your needs.

Rely on Real People

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STAAR Alert understands you don’t want to risk your health and safety. That’s why we offer ongoing support throughout your entire journey with us.


From the beginning, a trained technician will help you install your new equipment, either at home or over the phone. The experts at Life Safety Monitoring are available 24/7 for you; in the rare event that your equipment stops working or breaks, expect a replacement right away. If there is a power outage, the battery backup will keep you connected for 24 hours. STAAR Alert will ensure that you are protected at all times.

From the beginning, a trained service technician will help you install your new equipment, either at home or over the phone.

Trust You’re in Good Hands with 24/7 Monitoring


Meet the Team at STAAR Alert

Behind the scenes, STAAR Alert is made up of dedicated individuals with years of experience. STAAR Alert is committed to providing support for you and your loved ones.


Vince Nigrelli - President_CEO.png

Vince Nigrelli

CEO & President

Zach Nigrelli - COO.png

Zach Nigrelli


Katie Mykytiuk - Customer Care Manager.png

Katie Mykytiuk

Customer Care Manager

Mary Kay Diener - Customer Care.png

Mary Kay Diener

Customer Care

Matt Couillard - VP Business Development.png

Matt Couillard

VP Business Development

Bobbie Sue Sabol - Assistant Manager.png

Bobbie Sue Sabol

Assistant Manager

Stacy Nigrelli - Human Resources.png

Stacy Nigrelli

Human Resources

Mark Drummey.png

Mark Drummey

VP Telecare Services

Adam Katz - Service Manager.png

Adam Katz

Service Manager

Scott Wallace - Field Supervisor.png

Scott Wallace

Field Supervisor

Ed Vamos - Billing.png

Ed Vamos


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