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Locking Medication Management

What is Locking Medication Management?

Our locking in-home medication management system is perfect for those having difficulty managing multiple medications. The dispenser has a secure lock, audible alarm, flashing light, bright LED display and can hold up to one month of medication.


Take the right med, right dose at the right time


Loud 85 decibel alarm to alert the patient to take their medication


If a dose is missed, the  dispenser will alert & notify the patient that their medication is ready by monitoring


The medication dispenser is secured

by lock and key to prevent tampering

and overdosing

of medication


Each dose of medication can

contain 1-15+ pills, depending on size

and shape.

Locking Medication Management


When a medication delivery is ready, the audible alarm sounds accompanied with a flashing light, drawing attention that the dose is ready. If the patient does not hear or see the alarm after 30 minutes a call is made to the caregiver to alert them that the medication was not taken.

  • Monitored 24/7/365 days a year

  • 24-hour battery backup

  • Communicates using landline or cellular network

  • Needs plugged into a standard power outlet

  • Loud audible alarm

  • Flashing Light

  • Up to 4 dispense times per day

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