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How Does

it Work?


Warranty &


Who is it For?

Who is it for?


Wandering Patient Tracking



  • Those who become lost during walks

  • Those who have memory issues

  • Individuals who want to maintain independence

  • Caregivers who want to check in on a loved one

GPS and 

3G enabled to communicate


Cut the insoles to fit 

in almost any

shoe size

Set the insoles on 

a wireless charging pad once every 36 hours to


Geo Fence

Set up Geo Fences

and speeding 

alerts to keep a 

loved one safe



Caregiver App

Check on a loved

one from the convenience 

of your smart phone

Multiple Size 




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How does it work?

GPS Insoles

GPS Insoles are a smartphone concealed in a removable shoe insole. These smart insoles use the same GPS and cellular technology as your cell phone. They are charged just like your cell phone and require an activation and data service plan. 

how does it work

Warranty & Returns


What is the warranty on the equipment?

STAAR Alert warrants that in the event any part of the signaling system equipment furnished and installed by STAAR Alert shall become inoperative because of defects or ordinary wear and tear while installed in your home under this agreement, it will repair or replace any defective part of the system, at no charge, as soon as reasonably practical after notice from you that the system is not operating properly or if a monthly check should reveal any problems with it.  Call us at 1-800-338-7114 immediately should service be required.  You agree that your sole and exclusive remedy in the event of such defects will be the repair or replacement of defective equipment.


***Once the insoles are trimmed they cannot be returned.***

What is your return policy?

Any customer who purchases service(s) from STAAR Alert have 30 calendar days to decide if they are going to continue service. They may choose to discontinue service for any reason as long as they return the equipment with all parts and that the equipment is in new working condition less normal wear and tear. Equipment must be returned within 30 days from the customer receiving it. 

If the equipment is not returned the cost of the equipment will be charged to the customer's credit card. For additional details please call 1-800-338-7114.

How much does it cost?


Our GPS Insoles are custom built for each of our customers. To enable an accurate price, please call and speak to one of our knowable care representatives. They will help you build a custom solution. 

Please call 1-800-338-7114

Please call 1-800-338-7114

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