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Getting to Know STAAR Alert: Responsive, Ongoing Support

STAAR Alert, an Automated Security Alert company, is working to continue to bring you the best service and support possible. As part of that initiative, we'd like to introduce you to our five-point philosophy that drives our customer experience.

Point Five: Responsive, Ongoing Support

Once your devices are installed and in use, we know that’s not the end of our journey. STAAR Alert provides ongoing support throughout your entire time with us.

We start at the beginning. Your new equipment comes with the expertise of our knowledgeable and friendly team. A trained technician will help you with the installation process, either at the home or over the phone.

As time goes on, our support team is available to help with any questions or concerns you have. You can call us or even just push your button to test the system and connect to someone at Life Safety Monitoring.

In the rare event that your equipment stops working or breaks, we will get you a replacement right away! If there is a power outage, the battery back-up will keep you connected for 24 hours. Further, the Life Safety Monitoring building is protected against natural disasters to ensure you are protected at all times.

Thank you for joining us in getting to know the philosophy behind STAAR Alert. For more information, please call 800-338-7114 or contact us today!

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