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Mobile Emergency Response for Back to School Safety

Back to school is a time full of emotions – happiness, excitement, anticipation. One undue emotion unfortunately present is fear. But that doesn’t have to be the case! The use of a Mobile Emergency Response System for your school-aged children is a discreet, easy, and affordable way to keep your kids safe no matter where they are.

Safety is top priority for all parents, and there are a lot of options to sort trough to keep their children safe. When it is appropriate to get a cell phone is a tough decision, and other safety products can be bulky and intrusive. Mobile Emergency Response Systems are small and easily fit in a pocket or backpack.

No matter the emergency – a fall in the playground, stranger situation, or classroom turmoil – the emergency response system can be used quickly and simply. Just press the button, and our responders at Life Safety Monitoring will take immediate action. With two-way voice capabilities, responders can speak directly with your child then contact you or emergency responders to ensure they get the help they need right away.

A mobile emergency response system can do a great deal to keep an entire school safe in the event of an active shooter or other imminent

threat. Students, teachers, and faculty alike who utilize an emergency system will work together to alert authorities and keep each other safe.

The included GPS feature ensures that the user can be found quickly and easily, even if they are unsure of their exact location. Responders will verify coordinates and share them with emergency personnel at any time of the day or night.

Though it’s hard to think of your child in a dangerous situation, their safety is always top priority. Visit us at or call us at 800-338-7114 to discuss how we can keep your whole family secure this back to school season!

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