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Getting to Know STAAR Alert: Supporting your Independence

STAAR Alert, an Automated Security Alert company, is working to continue to bring you the best service and support possible. As part of that initiative, we'd like to introduce you to our five-point philosophy that drives our customer experience.

Point One: Supporting your Independence

There is one central theme to all we do: independence. Our goal is to keep you and your loved ones safely at home as long as possible.

Each service we offer helps make this goal a reality. Personal Emergency Response Systems allow the user to move around inside and outside the home without concern.

Medication management takes control of prescription regimens - no matter how complex - and reduces dosing errors.

Fall detection, activity sensors and the range of other products at STAAR Alert allow for independent living while monitoring important areas of health and wellness.

STAAR Alert is dedicated to helping you reach your independence goals through everything we do. Stay tuned to the next part of this series to learn how our monitoring makes this possible!

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