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Helping Senior Real Estate Clients Downsize Safely

As a real estate agent, you are responsible for ensuring your client’s happiness. Questions might arise like: Is the house big enough? Are there enough rooms? Is the price right?

Another vital aspect that may seem out of your control is safety. STAAR Alert's personal emergency response systems (PERS) are a solution that will keep your clients safe in their new homes – especially for seniors who are downsizing.

Seniors may wish to move to a smaller home for many reasons, including less maintenance and lower costs. They may need everything on one level, more accessible bathrooms, and less clutter. All this can avoid potential falls – which, according to the CDC’s Health United States Report 2016, are the number-one cause of emergency hospital visits for individuals 65 years and older. It’s crucial to ensure that all of these essentials are in place for your clients’ new living arrangements, and STAAR Alert can help.

A PERS equips a person with access to emergency help on-call 24/7. A small base station and lightweight pendant are all that’s needed to reach out when there is a concern. They push the pendant button and, within seconds, can talk to the professionally trained responders at Life Safety Monitoring. The responders will reach out to either customized contacts (like a child or neighbor) or emergency personnel (ambulance, fire, etc) to assist with your client’s immediate needs, whatever they may be.

Systems are compatible with both landline and cellular networks. Our experienced team can help you and your clients determine which option will work best for their lifestyle. Those staying close to home might find the landline system to be an excellent addition. Those who are more active can take advantage of the cellular system’s ability to travel just about anywhere.

While many things in real estate may seem out of your control, keeping your clients safe doesn’t have to be one of them. Call STAAR Alert today at 1-800-338-7114 or visit to learn how we can work together to make downsizing easy and safe for everyone!


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