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3G Sunset

Contact: Matthew Couillard Phone: (800) 338-7114

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December 22, 2020 For immediate release

STAAR Alert is ready for 4G, and has been for some time

The expansion and evolution of mobile wireless technology is just another source of confusion in an already tumultuous year. To ease concerns resulting from the spread of misguided information STAAR Alert wants to ensure clients that their trusted partner is ready to be the reliable source regarding the transition to 4G technology and beyond.

STAAR Alert uses AT&T for its 3G mobile carrier and they are not scheduled to “sunset” the 3G network until February 2022. STAAR Alert has been preparing for more than a year and began installing 4G equipment in 2019. STAAR currently has thousands of these already in service, and will continue to work with clients and customers to transition throughout the next year.

“Staying on top of the latest technology is one of our first priorities,” said Zach Nigrelli, Chief Operating Officer at STAAR Alert. “We could not properly serve our customers otherwise.”

Technicians and support personnel at STAAR Alert began installing updated equipment over a year ago in 2019 in anticipation of the mobile carrier conversion. Home Cellular Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS), Mobile GPS PERS, and Medication Dispensers supplied by STAAR Alert are ready to work with updated 4G networks. Much of the equipment fleet already in use has been transitioned for the user; and new equipment being installed features the 4G upgrade.

If you would like to learn more, or have questions about the technology your participants are using today, contact STAAR Alert today at (800) 338-7114.

About STAAR Alert: STAAR Alert has been a local provider of Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS), medication dispensers and Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) since 1988. With offices in Philadelphia, PA; Tyrone, GA; and their main headquarters in Pittsburgh, PA. STAAR Alert’s trained operators provide in-home and personal safety throughout the region with medical alert, fall detection and medication management systems. Through use of the array of available products, individuals can maintain living independently and increase their time at home. For more information on maintaining an independent lifestyle, visit



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