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STAAR Alert and the SimpleMed+: A Healthcare Revolution

STAAR Alert and the SimpleMed+: A Healthcare Revolution

In a world where healthcare is often complex and confusing, the Simplemed+ is a breath of fresh air. This revolutionary platform is designed to make healthcare simple, affordable, and accessible to everyone.

What is SimpleMed+?

The SimpleMed+ is a medication management system that connects patients with healthcare providers. It offers a variety of features to make healthcare easier, including:

  • Medication Management: Patients are reminded to take their medications by the Simplemed+. It has an audible and visual alarm to alert the patient.

  • Prescription Fulfillment: STAAR Alert partners with pharmacies to deliver medications directly to patients' doorsteps.

  • Professional Monitoring: Life Safety Monitoring is alerted if a dose is missed. They will call the patient to remind them to take their medication.

How does SimpleMed+ work?

To use SimpleMed+, patients simply lift the medication compartment that is illuminated by a blue blinking light.

Once they open the compartment the alarm stops. If the patient cannot hear the alarm and misses a dispense time. Life Safety Monitoring will call them to remind them to take their medication.

What are the benefits of using SimpleMed+?

There are many benefits to using simplemed+, including:

  • Convenience: Simplemed+ makes it easy to access for patients to access their medication at the prescribed time.

  • Affordability: SimpleMed+ offers affordable plans to prevent costly hospital stays due to medication errors.

  • Simplicity: SimpleMed+ is designed to be easy to use, even for people who are not tech-savvy. Simply lift the access drawer on the blinking cup to access your medication.


The SimpleMed+ is a revolutionary platform that is changing the way people access their medication. It is convenient, affordable, and simple to use. If you are looking for a better way to manage your medication, STAAR Alert and SimpleMed+ is the perfect solution.


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