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Choosing the Right Medication Management System

The decision to start using a medication management system is an easy one. They are a great way to ensure medications are taken in a consistent and safe manner. But choosing which medication management system to use is an essential part of the process. There are different options that will ensure your loved one is taken care of in the best way possible.

When considering options for medication management systems at STAAR Alert, there are two main options: SimpleMed+ and Medready. They both have unique features that make them a perfect option for each user. All users are different, and it’s important to assess your individual needs. The family’s needs include basic safety, simplicity, and medication management. There may be many options to consider, but we want to make it as easy as possible for you!


Whereas our medication management systems are very user-friendly, there are certain features to keep a look out for.

The SimpleMed+ medication management system resembles a daily pill case. This familiarity can put the user’s mind at ease when adapting to a new routine. The simple aesthetic includes the days of the week, and four dosing times – morning, noon, evening, and bedtime. The compartments can be easily filled by hand or though a pharmacy blister card. The audio and visual alerts on the medication management system ensure that the correct medications are taken on time, every time.

The Medready Locking Dispenser is a medication management system is perfect for those having difficulty managing multiple medications. It allows the user to have their medications simply organized into a single dose as needed, while eliminating the concern of missed doses.

Filling the Medication Management System

Choosing who is best to fill your medication management system is an important decision. Ensuring it is filled correctly means that it will function the most efficiently.

One option is to fill it personally. This can be done by a caregiver or even the user themselves. A medication management system can be filled easily for many doses. The Medready system can hold medication doses that can contain 1-15 (or more) pills, depending on size and shape. Since the Medready system is locked, it is most often filled by someone who takes responsibility for the key to ensure it is used properly. When filling the SimpleMed+ medication management system, one can fill doses each day at four different times.

Another option for filling a medication management system is to use a pharmacy. A pharmacist ensures that medication regimens, no matter how complex, are filled accurately. The SimpleMed+ non-locking medication management system includes the option of using pre-filled blister cards from a pharmacy. These cards are filled once a week, slide in try to reload, and a signal is sent to monitoring center once it is completed.


Choosing a locking vs. non-locking medication management system is an integral part of the user experience. This security measure is incredibly important for the user themselves, but can also have a major impact on their loved ones.

A non-locking medication management system is for basic use. This system allows a user to organize their medications into one device and is alerted when the doses are due. If the dose is not taken, a notification will be sent to Life Safety Monitoring for prompt follow-up. Even though the system itself is not locked, it will beep if the wrong cup is opened. This ensures that there are no missed doses or inaccurate uses.

The locking medication management system, however, is much more secure. This can be an essential feature for many reasons. If a user has complex doses of several different types of medications, the lock will ensure that doses are not confused or tampered with.

The locking feature of a medication management system also ensures the safety of both the user and their loved ones. If the user has a history of overdose, the lock means that they cannot access the pills between timed doses. This can be especially important if any cognitive deficits are present, such as dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease. Complex medication regimens can be very difficult to manage for these individuals. Further, when children or other at-risk family members are present in the home, the lock feature is the only way to ensure medications are not tampered with.

This medication management system is monitored 24/7/365 by the team at Life Safety Monitoring. It features a loud, audible alarm and flashing light that alerts the user of when the medication should be taken. If the dose is missed, the responders will alert the user, caregiver, or social worker to be sure that there are no immediate safety concerns.

No matter the option you choose, the professional and knowledgeable staff at STAAR Alert will ensure that you get the best medication management system for your family. Located in Munhall, Pennsylvania, our hometown team knows hot to help you make the best decision. We want to ensure your loved ones are safe and healthy at all times.

Contact us today for help ensuring the system you choose is the best possible option!


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