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The Benefits of a Senior Pill Box

For seniors, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is of utmost importance. From exercise to a healthy diet to keeping the mind sharp, there is a lot that contributes to a healthy routine. One of the most important steps is managing medication regimens that are oftentimes quite complex. The use of a senior pill box can simplify this process and ensure medications are taken on time, every time.

Senior pill boxes are a medication management solution that give independence to the user, while allowing family members and other caregivers to have peace of mind that medications are being taken at the proper time and dosage.

One option is a non-locking automated senior pill box. This device, also called the SimpleMed+, can be programmed for up to four dispense times per day. With simple programming that can be set by any caregiver, this senior pill box is filled on a weekly basis. Or, to make this senior pill box even simpler, a blister card pre-filled by the pharmacy can be used. It then will alert the user at the proper times that the medications need to be taken. A blinking light will tell the user that it is time to take the specified dose. If the section is not opened, an audible alarm will sound for further notification. Next, if the medication is still not taken, an alert will be sent to Life Safety Monitoring.