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Reducing Hospital Readmissions with Medication Adherence

As difficult as a hospital stay is on a patient and their entire family, readmissions can oftentimes be even more taxing. The added stress can lead to additional health concerns, monetary struggles and insurance issues. Luckily, there are many ways to help reduce readmissions.

One of the biggest causes of hospital readmissions is medication mismanagement. There are many reasons why these problems arise, including:

  • Failure to smoothly combine new prescriptions with the old

  • Forgetting or misunderstanding a new medication schedule

  • Outright failing to take one or more medications

  • Incorrectly dosing medications

Medication Management systems from STAAR Alert can help manage any prescription regimen to help reduce these readmissions. Family members and healthcare professionals can fill one of our medication dispensers that keep track of complex schedules. At the specified time, an alarm and flashing light will alert the user to take the medication. If they don’t retrieve the dose, operators at Life Safety Monitoring will alert the proper contact for further action.

STAAR Alert offers many management options to fit everyone’s needs. The MedReady is a reliable, locking system that can dispense up to four doses of medication per day, each containing 15 or more pills. The secure lock and key feature ensures that the medications are not being tampered with, reducing the risk of a readmission due to a dosing error.

The SimpleMed+ is a premium dispenser that offers even more peace of mind to users. The tray can be filled similarly to other management systems, or used with a pre-filled blister card from a pharmacist. Other Bluetooth peripheral devices can also be connected to the system, such as blood glucose monitors, pulse oximeter, weight scale and more. These combined devices will help reduce readmissions due to a variety of medical concerns.

These systems and others are available with STAAR Alert’s dedicated 24/7 monitoring. To learn more about reducing readmissions and incorporating medication management solutions into your loved one’s routine, call us at 800-338-7114 today!

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