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Getting to Know STAAR Alert: Twenty-four Seven Alert Monitoring

STAAR Alert, an Automated Security Alert company, is working to continue to bring you the best service and support possible. As part of that initiative, we'd like to introduce you to our five-point philosophy that drives our customer experience.

Point Two: Twenty-four Seven Alert Monitoring

The backbone of our services is our 24-hour monitoring. The trained responders at Life Safety Monitoring are ready to help with any issue – big or small.

When a personal emergency response system is activated or medication dose is missed, an alert is sent to our UL-Listed Life Safety Monitoring center. A live person then reaches out to the user to discuss their emergency.

Depending on the situation, Life Safety monitors will reach out to a customized care plan of family members, caregivers and emergency personnel. They can help manage issues that range from one missed medication to life-threatening falls.

Life Safety Monitoring is just blocks away from the STAAR Alert headquarters and is staffed 24/7/365. You can trust that your loved ones are in safe hands, no matter when or where they need it. Stay tuned to the next part of this series for more about the ways our services adapt to your lifestyle.

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