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Getting to Know STAAR Alert: Adaptive to Your Lifestyle

STAAR Alert, an Automated Security Alert company, is working to continue to bring you the best service and support possible. As part of that initiative, we'd like to introduce you to our five-point philosophy that drives our customer experience.

Point Three: Adaptive to Your Lifestyle

Our suite of offerings doesn’t restrict your loved ones to their home. Each service offers adaptability to fit each individual lifestyle.

Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) offer solutions for home and away. The in-home system is great for emergencies in and around your home. It is installed by plugging it into a power supply and a landline telephone. Our mobile medical alert, however, utilizes 3G networks to connect anywhere within the AT&T mobile network. It’s perfect for active individuals, travel, going between homes or just about any other scenario!

Medication Management is also very adaptive to various family needs. Our locking dispenser features an easy to load dosing system, audible alarm, flashing lights and more. It can hold up to a month of medications. SimpleMed+ offers the ease of a pre-filled blister card with doses of 15+ medications, depending on shape and size. It also can be attached to an array of bluetooth telehealth devices to monitor further needs, like blood pressure, weight and blood glucose.

Activity Monitoring helps add an extra level of safety to the user’s home. Bed, lighting and appliance sensors use pre-set rules to send red flags to our monitors at Life Safety to alert caregivers to possible issues while maintaining independence.

Our helpful team can help you customize solutions for you and your loved ones across the country. Stay tuned to the next part of this series to learn more about our advanced technology.

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