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Getting to Know STAAR Alert: Advanced Technology

STAAR Alert, an Automated Security Alert company, is working to continue to bring you the best service and support possible. As part of that initiative, we'd like to introduce you to our five-point philosophy that drives our customer experience.

Point Four: Advanced Technology

STAAR Alert prides itself on offering some of the best and most advanced technology available. We want our customers to know that they can depend on the equipment they use to come through when it’s needed most.

Our mobile medical alert systems are equipped to utilize 3G mobile networks that offer connectivity across the entire AT&T network. This allows users to call for help across a reliable and extensive terrain.

Fall Detection technology is also available for those most at risk. The lightweight, comfortable button activates on high impact falls. This helps manage false alarms and can help consumers who are at a high risk of falls to be well monitored.

Our peripheral devices use advanced bluetooth technology that syncs with all of your devices. Add blood pressure, glucose, weight management and more to the Simple Med+ medication dispensers for a cloud-based reporting system and extra functionality.

Despite all of these advancements, our services are extremely user-friendly and come with the help of our STAAR Alert team. Stay tuned to the next part of this series to learn more about our on-going support!

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