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Depend on STAAR Alert for Success

If you had to jump out of a plane, would you buy the budget parachute that is shipped to you in the mail? Or do you want the option that comes with a personal trainer to teach you how it works and completes the first jump with you?

Here at STAAR Alert, we want to ensure you and you family are prepared to properly use our equipment. Sure, it would be easier to just box it up and send it to you. But we know that easy does not mean effective.

When you order a new service from STAAR Alert, a professional, trained technician will personally install the device. They will teach you, family members and caregivers how to properly load medication dispensers, connect personal emergency response systems and install activity monitors.

Once the installation is complete, the specialized service does not end. Reinforcement training is regularly conducted to ensure continued success. Our staff reaches out to test the service, answer questions and identify any areas that need improvement.

Furthermore, our monitoring never stops! In addition to observing emergency and usage signals, the trained staff at Life Safety Monitoring receives information from the devices to make sure they are working properly. Responders receive error reports, low battery signals and various other messages. They then will reach out to the user with technical support or will quickly send a new device if necessary.

STAAR Alert never wants you to feel alone in your journey to a safer life at home. We understand that a new device in your home can feel intimidating. Lean on our expertise to keep your loved ones happy and healthy. Call us at 800-338-7114 to learn more and schedule your installation today!

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