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Lockboxes Provide Extra Layer of Security

Using devices like STAAR Alert’s personal emergency response systems or medication dispensers helps keep seniors safe in their homes. A simple way to add an extra layer of security is to utilize a lockbox. These easy-to-use tools are useful in a multitude of scenarios, especially in combination with STAAR Alert’s monitored technology.

Medical Alert Systems

Personal emergency response systems keep users safe with the push of a button. When an incident occurs, seniors can push their button to call for help. The responders who are called to the scene – whether it be emergency personnel, family, caregivers or others – can use the lockbox to gain easy entry. Professionals at Life Safety Monitoring will have access to the customized lock code and will relay the information accordingly.

Mobile Medical Alert

Mobile technology can keep users safe essentially wherever they go. GPS signal will help monitors find the location of the emergency. If it’s at home, the lockbox code will be disclosed as usual. Away from home, the lightweight lockbox can be transported if needed for additional security.

Medication Management Systems

Monitored medication dispensers allow users to easily sort medication regimens, no matter how complicated. The custom reminders can be set to alert a senior when it’s time to take a dose. If a missed dose leads to or uncovers an emergency, the lockbox will allow entry to the home with no damage.

Activity Sensors

Activity monitoring in a senior’s home discretely helps keep track of their normal and abnormal habits. Patterns like sleep, appliance use and entertainment can be monitored to alert caretakers to possible concerns. A lockbox adds an increased level of security without the danger of leaving doors unlocked or giving out several keys.

STAAR Alert’s total security package offers peace-of-mind for any family. The addition of a lockbox adds a whole extra level of safety and allows for easy entry in the event of an emergency. Contact STAAR Alert today at 800-338-7114 to learn about all of the products that will seamlessly fit your needs!

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