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MedPro Medication Management Offers Increased Peace of Mind

Medication mismanagement can be incredibly disruptive to any household. Missed doses can lead to erratic behavior, illness and even hospitalization. The effects on the entire family may last long after the issue has been resolved. STAAR Alert’s medication management program is a long-term solution that will help ease everyone’s mind.

One of STAAR Alerts’s high quality systems is the Med Ready. This home medication dispenser is easy to use, reliable and effective. Using a traditional land line or cellular network, users can be reminded to take up to four doses per day. Reminders can be set 24/7 to manage even the most complex schedules. Monitored dispensers have been able to help people take medication on time up to 96 percent of the time!

The Med Ready’s custom tray design offers many features that make it one of the best choices available. Separate refillable dosage sections can fit up to 15 pills, depending on the shape and size. The compartment locks to ensure no one is able to tamper with or overdose from the medications inside. Its 24-hour back-up battery also ensures uninterrupted usage if the power goes out.