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Fall Detection: A Solution for Chronic Illness Risks

One of the most common, and frightening, symptoms of chronic illnesses is an increased risk of falls. Many side effects of medical conditions, including medication interactions, muscle weakness and anxiety, can lead to unsteadiness. Although falls can not always be prevented, there are ways to ensure help is available in case of emergency.

One such option is STAAR Alert’s advanced fall detection system. The lightweight pendant uses technology to detect falls and reduce false alarms. With a waterproof transmitter, up to 800 feet of range and long-life battery, this system can call out to emergency responders when an accident occurs.

Understanding the risks of your loved one’s chronic illness is essential to keeping them safe.

  • Arthritis – stiff joints and pain can lead to serious falls. In a recent study, it was found that those who had osteoarthritis experienced 30 percent more falls.

  • Parkinson’s Disease – muscle tremors, rigidity and instability can cause safety issues. “Freezing” is a symptom that occurs when a person feel stuck or unable to move their legs. It can take time to relieve the feeling and caretakers need to help ensure the resulting unsteadiness does not lead to a fall.

  • Diabetes – changes in glucose levels may cause dizziness, fatigue and feet pain.

  • COPD – lung damage can lead to an array of symptoms, including shortness of breath and lack of energy. The respiratory complications can cause distractions and accidents.

Using the Fall Detector allows all users to get help even if they cannot push the button. Trained professionals at Life Safety Monitoring will call specified responders, family members and caretakers for assistance.

To learn more about fall detection and how we can meet the needs of your loved one’s chronic illness, contact us today 1-800-338-7114!

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