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Reducing Falls at Home in Three Easy Steps

Falling at home can be one of the biggest fears for seniors. An accident can lead to extended hospital stays, prolonged injuries and future anxiety. Falls can be prevented, though! STAAR Alert offers three easy steps to reduce falls in any home:

1. Conduct a medical assessment

The root of most falls can be traced to an underlying medical condition. Ensure your loved one is getting enough exercise, has sharp vision and does not have any balance issues. Also keep track of medications that can make them dizzy, drowsy or have risky interactions.

2. Eliminate all hazards

Nothing is worth suffering a fall, so conduct an assessment on each room of the house to eliminate any risks. Look for uneven floors, tripping hazards and poor lighting. Ensure that the furniture leaves enough space to move around easily, especially if using walkers or canes.

3. Utilize safety equipment

Small changes can be easy and affordable to make around the house. Consider grab bars wherever an extra hand is needed, especially in the restroom. Lights are also essential in any dark areas.

Unfortunately not all accidents can be prevented. Fall detection equipment is also available to call for help whenever emergencies arise. STAAR Alert’s latest Fall Detector is incredibly easy to use. The lightweight pendant can be worn around the house or using a cellular networks. Advanced technology allows for the user to push a button for help or to detect a fall even when activation is not physically possible. Trained Life Safety Operators can use two-way voice communication to assess the situation and call the proper emergency responders.

To learn more about automatic and reliable fall detection, call STAAR Alert today at 800-338-7114. Our helpful staff can help assess your needs and work together to keep your loved ones safe at home!

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