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Not ALL Seniors Fear Technology

The ever-changing face of technology can be scary for anyone, especially seniors. Recent studies show, however, that not all seniors fear technology. In fact, many are embracing it!

According to the 2011 Pew Internet study, more than half of adults over 50 access the Internet on a regular basis. More and more seniors are purchasing smart phones, computers and other devices to stay online.

When aging adults are willing to try simple technology, like a basic flip-phone, they are likely to be more willing to continue exploring. The 2012 Pew study found that once seniors started using the Internet, they continued to do so regularly. Sticking with that trend will likely inspire seniors to try other forms of technology.

Although connecting with grandkids on Facebook can be fun, some of the most important technological advances seniors need to be comfortable with are those that will help them stay healthy.

Medication Management systems embrace technology to ensure people of all ages are able to stick with their medication regimens. The device stores medication doses and alerts the user when it’s time to take it. If the dose is missed, a signal is sent to Life Safety Monitoring. Caretakers and medical professionals are then alerted to the error.

These systems use technology in many ways. The scheduled alerts help manage complex routines and protect against tampering or overdosing. Web portals, reporting and various alert methods are available for caretakers to track their loved ones’ health.

Exposing seniors to technology doesn’t have to be scary! Encouraging your loved ones to try everything from social media to medication management will help keep them mentally and physically healthy for years to come. Start by showing them STAAR Alert’s web site to start discussing how our technology can help your entire family.

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