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Three Reasons Seniors Don’t Want a Medical Alarm

And three reasons why they should!

Convincing your senior loved ones to get a medical alarm can be a tough battle. They may resist for several reasons, like:

1. They fear they are losing their independence.

2. They feel it’s for ‘old people’.

3. They think of the old life alert commercial and think it’s a joke.

Although these are all valid concerns, they are easily rebutted.

1. Personal emergency response systems actually help keep seniors independent. They provide fast contact in case of an emergency, eliminating possible complications and further issues. Further, they give families peace of mind, helping them feel more comfortable with a senior remaining in their own home.

2. Medical alarms can be utilized by people of all ages. Small children can learn to use them so they can call for help at the push of a button in just about any situation. They don’t need to learn any phone numbers or emergency information. Adults of any age can use the button for security if they live home alone, easy access to emergency personnel or for management of health concerns or disabilities. Professionals who work alone can also use it for security and safety.

3. The life alert commercials were excellent because they brought awareness to the options that are available for seniors maintain their safety. However, the delivery of the message mocked the seriousness of the important technology. A personal emergency response system allows the user to call for help even if they can’t reach their phone. If they fall or are unable to walk for any reason, the simple push of their button calls for emergency responders – from EMS to family members to doctors.

If you need additional help convincing your loved one to utilize essential safety equipment in their home, call STAAR Alert today! Our knowledgeable staff will educate you and your entire family about how our technology works and benefits everyone. Call us at 800-338-7114 for more!

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