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A Simple Way to Manage Medications

Managing medications can be one of the toughest tasks in a good healthcare regimen. Between frequent changes, complicated dosing instructions and sheer amount of pills, the ease of error can be overwhelming. Local provider STAAR Alert hopes to make things easier with SimpleMed+.

SimpleMed+ is a smart, automatic medication dispenser that allows for remote monitoring. The device can be loaded manually or with a pre-filled card. Through visual and audio cues, users will be reminded to take up to four medication doses a day.

STAAR Alert has a relationship with local pharmacy ACORx to help make things even easier. Their Adherence Medication PAKS are easy to use blister cards that fit in the SimpleMed+. They are filled at their pharmacy then hand delivered by a team member.

“This relationship allows us to bring heightened medication adherence to the community,” said Matthew Couillard, Director of Consumer Relations at STAAR Alert. “It helps reduce emergency room visits and unnecessary doctor appointments.”

Installation of the device and blister pack is incredibly user-friendly. Simply plug in the device, insert the card and you’re ready to go. The knowledgeable team at STAAR Alert will set up the customized alert times and use will be monitored by the trained responders at Life Safety Monitoring. Users and caregivers will then have access to alerts and reports that help manage health concerns effectively.

To learn more about medication management and STAAR Alert’s expert solutions, visit

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